This is my attempt at a more polished version of Scarlet Ribbons.


The music of Scarlet Ribbons was written by Evelyn Danzig Levine (January 16, 1902 – July 26, 1996) and the words by her collaborator, Jack Segal (October 19, 1918 – February 10, 2005). Evelyn Danzig and I share the same birthdate, which I did not know when first inspired to do an electronic arrangement of Scarlet Ribbons.  

My A&R company sends daily listings of new calls-and often-times, there are calls for an original arrangement of some classical or public domain music. This was a great exercise in composition, because I didn’t write it- I had to treat it like my baby, working out the “meaning” of the melody. The experience gave great insights for original compositions.

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