parillon buenos aires(dialogues)

fried potatos at the parillion, i waited for them, and for the kidneys. the waiter said we are not doing kidneys right now, we are doing tripe ok tripe we said. what about liver, brains, oxballs? we have brains and balls but no liver. we do have spleen. fine he said a round of those too. thankyou sir the waiter said and bowed. oh, and blood sausage and the fried potato chips. and beer, i said. a bowling duckpin shaped bottle came out big clunky perspiring globules it made that frothy sound as it spilled from the bottle into my tall glass.. i took a deep drink and felt it sizzle on my tongue and slide down my throat cooling and burning. another sip just following tasted even more delicious.

and the fine just the waiter not doing globules we are doing spleen cooling and burning the i took a deep drink and felt it at for the bowling and bowed. sip spilled and slide thankyou sir perspiring the waiter said following kidneys a came out said frothy sound what about and beer we said. another sizzle duckpin shaped bottle parillon and tasted blood, i said. a them big clunky waited fried potato chips sausage tripe it liver, brains, oxballs? too. but no on my tongue liver for have tripe we have brains we are made that, , dialogues kidneys i of those even more as it down my throat we do oh, fried potatos ok right now, and balls he said into my tall glass round and delicious. from the bottle as it sizzle delicious. following cooling and burning big clunky waited on my tongue down my throat sausage ok right now, them from the bottle not doing we said. thankyou sir oh, , frothy sound the waiter made that we are liver. into my tall glass spilled it sip we do and globules, bowling round a what about liver, brains, oxtail? and felt it and balls and bowed. but no just tasted fried for the came out parillon perspiring, i said. duckpin shaped bottle fried potato chips. a for dialogues have tripe the fine and slide we have brains and the too. and beer spleen. he said of those i the waiter said we are doing blood at kidneys said kidneys tripe another potatos and even more i took a deep drink

now all this time its a brilliant golden afternoon, birds r tweetering on the disheveld balconies, bricks are peeling of old murals, smoke of the barbeque pit is intoxivacating, nick nocknocking wheels rumble pebbled alley, a pink flamingo passes wearing a monocle, three generations dance merengue with a boombos and trees are purple with flowers

“no somos cocina riñones hoy” the waiter said. “we r not cooking kidneys” yeah yeah we know we know thanks

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