about “inside the box”


the figures of a man and woman walking that reappear were created by rotoscoping archival film, frame by frame in photoshop. the cube is made by sandwiching sets of layers, the same of the pictures on the wall. the figures moving in space inside and outside the box were done both rotoscoping -the crowd- and hand-drawn characters -the mouse- like golden winged creature(called a Mologicus with Clout) following.

the sound idea started using a series of tunes carefully shaped, but i'd been experimenting with color to sound and making color scores, translating the pixels of varying color to a set sound, then tailoring it to get the one used here. the soundtrack from the original score that I'd trashed - some pieces were needed for the sync part, but then i changed that too - finally, a melodic score was stretched in a filter process and added over, in building a story.

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