Hijack some Mercy

• January 29th, 2020

w.i.p. rough

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shiny new jag

• April 4th, 2017

3rd stage of pawpaw jag

wip Kat Bloom

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• April 28th, 2016

composition and recording by kathi bloom

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Bruno Oscar Klein “Prelude to the Italian Suite”

• April 28th, 2016

BOKImageCover6x7.jpgBruno Oscar Klein (6 June 1858 — 22 June 1911) was an American composer and organist of German origin. He wrote a number of works for orchestra, some chamber music, church music, and a large number of songs.
transcribed, arranged, recorded by Kathi Bloom

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about “inside the box”

• May 18th, 2015


the figures of a man and woman walking that reappear were created by rotoscoping archival film, frame by frame in photoshop. the cube is made by sandwiching sets of layers, the same of the pictures on the wall. the figures moving in space inside and outside the box were done both rotoscoping -the crowd- and hand-drawn characters -the mouse- like golden winged creature(called a Mologicus with Clout) following.

the sound idea started using a series of tunes carefully shaped, but i'd been experimenting with color to sound and making color scores, translating the pixels of varying color to a set sound, then tailoring it to get the one used here. the soundtrack from the original score that I'd trashed - some pieces were needed for the sync part, but then i changed that too - finally, a melodic score was stretched in a filter process and added over, in building a story.

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sketches—video cube unit

• March 6th, 2014


it's not a fish tank, though that's not a bad idea, it could also be a planter with one side removed.
Bulgari has made an advertising holo-cube but it looks like a transparent computer screen embedded in a thick frame.

This one
 is more interesting.
it should be small enough in stature for most people to look down on. it is for looking down at while standing or moving around it, or for sitting on the floor and looking directly at. the sketch of the round-shaped "table" can be adapted to rectangle/square. the electronics would be invisible—built into the base and casements. it would support wireless transmission as well as a rechargeable battery with a 730 hour life capacity per charge (it can be played for a couple of hours every day for a year on one charge). i don't yet know if such a thing exists...but it probably does and ideas evolve. ideally there should be no visible cord connection, a complete standalone. i would like transparent lcd capabilities on all 6 sides of the cube as well as the 3D projection "inside" the cube space.
it also is shown as hanging from the ceiling, suspended. more on that later.(as these sketches suggest an asymmetric balance, maybe interesting, maybe not at this point.)
i mean it to be made of the type of screen that displays transparent graphics, part of the idea is to "blur the line between function and design", i.e. to create a visual display that has texture and color like a painting and has a more "organic" look—sort of taking two opposing tendencies and blending them. another part is to provide a new kind of visual experience, a "painterly holographic animation" in a really slick techno design electro-sculpture—these are some quick sketches.

video of four de-congruent squares

• March 6th, 2014

These four pieces are part of a series of nine video groups. To be projeced/displayed interactive/simultaneously (installation). Here, the movement of the squares were determined by a set of 100 drawings, random placements of drawings on consecutive animation pages
—footage via frame to frame and action scanning.
The sound was composed using a graphic score corresponding to the color and design of the image.
The formula allows basic elements of each separate piece to correspond so it is possible to play them separately or in concert or with any variation.
For future interactive installation, options to freeze action, print a frame, play individually, or simultaneously. Ideally another sound interwoven would be a random sampling of natural sound near the showplace (contact microphones/recording/audio feed)
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• April 10th, 2009

visual music based on a graphic score of 3x3 tiled squares and circles three times with 3 visually related 3-color spectrum(rgb) score base images, these image files were also used to compose the visual. experimenting at creating scores specifically for audio interpretation of visual signals or vice versa, finding that i can be very specific regarding the colors and shapes used to score the sound, and researching the various types of visual scores made and used by contemporary composers more info on this later....sit back, enjoy 3:02

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white noise pattern music

• March 30th, 2009

the varieties of tones and timbres of 'white noise' composed in a musical score, with animated 'rorschach'-like imagery

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juxtapose pattern

• March 19th, 2009

juxtapose pattern attempts to synthesize two pattern types, the symmetrical and the random

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