sketches—video cube unit


it's not a fish tank, though that's not a bad idea, it could also be a planter with one side removed.
Bulgari has made an advertising holo-cube but it looks like a transparent computer screen embedded in a thick frame.

This one
 is more interesting.
it should be small enough in stature for most people to look down on. it is for looking down at while standing or moving around it, or for sitting on the floor and looking directly at. the sketch of the round-shaped "table" can be adapted to rectangle/square. the electronics would be invisible—built into the base and casements. it would support wireless transmission as well as a rechargeable battery with a 730 hour life capacity per charge (it can be played for a couple of hours every day for a year on one charge). i don't yet know if such a thing exists...but it probably does and ideas evolve. ideally there should be no visible cord connection, a complete standalone. i would like transparent lcd capabilities on all 6 sides of the cube as well as the 3D projection "inside" the cube space.
it also is shown as hanging from the ceiling, suspended. more on that later.(as these sketches suggest an asymmetric balance, maybe interesting, maybe not at this point.)
i mean it to be made of the type of screen that displays transparent graphics, part of the idea is to "blur the line between function and design", i.e. to create a visual display that has texture and color like a painting and has a more "organic" look—sort of taking two opposing tendencies and blending them. another part is to provide a new kind of visual experience, a "painterly holographic animation" in a really slick techno design electro-sculpture—these are some quick sketches.